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International cultural industry fair officially unveiled one of the breakout sessions. The Park Chairman Assistant Fan Qingqing in accept interview Shi said, take with text Bo will of Dongfeng, creative Park will around opening, christian louboutin online and trading chat and creative design three big theme carried out activities, while show my culture creative industry of results, on the through agglomeration global numerous creative project, full integration culture industry resources and creative design of ties, encourages enterprise autonomous innovation, to promoting China manufacturing to China created transformation. She talked about creating the image of China's cultural industry "and" (: cultural projects and operators, on the battlefield: fine cultural and creative projects, and around the world: cooperation, harmony and win-win), is dedicated to revitalising the Chinese cultural and creative industries, creating a cultural creative projects Bistro. By that time will be held in the Park 2010 Shenzhen (International) cultural industries promotion, held at the same time the relevant project exhibition, seminar, a forum and more cultural exchange activities, Yangshuo "impression Liu sanjie" Shaolin Temple "ceremony" one of its founders, Mr Mei Shuaiyuan creative artists also came to help out. F518 fashion creative Park became Shenzhen by launched of a Zhang beautiful of culture card according to understanding, F518 fashion creative Park is Shenzhen "Eleven-Five" planning of focus culture industry project, total area up 250,000 square, main by Shenzhen creative masters 1th, workstation, and F518 creative Qian Bank, and Shenzhen contemporary art creation library, and taste Street, and invasive Exhibition Center and the Qian Bank art hotel six big theme regional constitute.

After two years of construction, has now become to industrial design, graphic design, brand design, film animation, the built environment, creative incubation and artistic creativity as one of the cultural and creative industry Park, who would have thought gathered in front of such a talent, beautiful environment, cultural and creative businesses to flourish Park used to be a shabby factory buildings. Fashion creative Park in Shenzhen "cultural city" and designed under the call, responsibility to development and promotion of national culture,christian louboutin over the knee boots the use of "Science" and "art", "technology" and "creative" for the Park's overall development strategy. Adhering to the "regional industrial upgrading of services, promote the development of cultural and creative industries in China" principle of service, adhere to the "activities attract industry area gathering ideas; the typical industrial" services philosophy. In the context of economic globalization, the economic rise of China in need of shaping national cultural phenomenon at the international level, national cultural strategy to improve national competitiveness, boost the country's soft power of culture an important means of cultural industries are important ways of achieving national cultural strategy. Cultural industries will be 21 world one of China's pillar industries in F518 idea gathered a large number of creative development and design team. Avanty located inside the creative Park (Shenzhen) technology is a mobile communication terminal products development, marketing, and service of high-tech enterprises, with "finely crafted, the pursuit of eternity" for business purposes, by excellent high-precision metal processing technology and human design, to provide users with high-quality mobile communication device. Company now has more than 300 more people of research team, and modernization metal structure pieces Research Center, metal technology achieved room, precision metal processing integrated institutions, strive to to China design of phone terminal appeared in international market Shang, became world first-class brand creative Park in the can be described as lying Tiger hid Dragon, participation produced had homemade animation bankrolled cloud summary under of rain bridge culture spread limited on is located in Park a block elegant small floor above, company produced Director Qiao 彧 said, as China original animation of rise, Cultural communications limited rain Bridge decided to move away from the traditional animation companies doing processing chains, insist on original, walking in the forefront of the industry.

After several years of efforts, God produced the fantastic b p and the soldiers of Captain Tsubasa series and movies, from creation to full completion by animation team, masterminded the rain bridge completed, proved that Chinese cartoon people also have the ability to author and make cartoons in China and around the world. The future, bridge cultural communications limited hope the rain to the next level, in the operation of the market, such as toys and derivative products can receive a full range of breakthrough, the rain Bridge all of man's dream really come true! Avanty technology and have dreams like rain Joe cultural communication company, creative businesses in Pioneer Park, also has a lot of Premier Wen Jiabao mentioned on the 3 meetings in the plenary session of the national people's Congress, national development, national revival requires not only strong economic strength and more powerful cultural force. Culture is the spirit and soul of a people, (click here) is truly powerful determinants of a nation, you can profoundly affect a country's development process, changed the destiny of a nation. Speeding up cultural restructuring, strengthen the construction of public cultural service system, promoting cultural industry's rapid growth, prosperity and cultural market, effectively expanded domestic demand. New year, we should pay more attention to and vigorously strengthen cultural construction. Inherit and carry forward the fine traditional culture of the Chinese nation, absorbing and learning from the world civilization and build a total spirit of the Chinese nation home. The development of cultural industries, related to the development of our national economy, adjustment of industrial structure as well as competitiveness of Chinese culture in the world.